Slowly the pain that was in the beginning so intense, turned instead into a dull ache porn that while more tolerable, was in its own way even more excruciating, and in a sure sign of surrender, Cassie's head fell limply onto her chest as all of body{font-family:arial,sans serif;font-size:12px;font-weight:normal;background-repeaer" alt="" height="1" width="1" /> re,form,fieldset,input,textarea,p,blockquote,th,td{margin:0;padding:0;} " content=""og:image" content="" /> the fight faded from her body! While Cassie seemed to now be floating in another world, Master John went back to his case and again began preparing yet another apparatus! Jason watched in rapt fascination while the black hooded dominant assembled a small tripod under Cassie's spread labia and affixed to it the largest dildo that Jason had ever seen in his life! Cassie was so out of it, that she never even realized brown round roundandbrown sinnamon what was happening within inches of her wet cunt, until without warning Master John turned on a switch that slowly lowered Cassie onto the brutally thick invader! Her head snapped to attention as the gigantic fake cock penetrated her pussy and began stretching her to her absolute limit! Even with her brown round roundandbrown vanessa mouth covered, her screams were clearly audible as the pain in ebony milf her cunt quickly supplanted any discomfort she felt in her tender nipples! When she was fully impaled by the ten inch monster and hanging on it like a brown round roundandbrown sinnamon coat on a hook, Master John put his face up close to hers and in a soft barely audible voice asked Cassie, "You've ft.gradient(enabled='true',star been a bad girl, and for this you are round and brown booty being punished, do you brown round roundandbrown vanessa understand why you're here, nod it you do!?!" Cassie's cunt was burning like a log in a bonfire, but she managed to clear her head enough to nod yes to the Master's question! "Good, that's epiphany roundandbrown very good," Master John went on, "but you see, I don't yet believe you truly appreciate your situation, and for that reason I think that we will continue with the treatment!"



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