"Here we are, mother," Naomi said while retaking her seat! "Did you finish the laundry round and brown gallery, David," Miranda asked evenly!?! "Uh, almost, dear," he replied var pageOptions = { with is head hung down brown round roundandbrown vanessa to his chest, "I just have a little bit left to do!" "Didn't I tell you to have it done in and hour," she replied acidly, "didn't I brown round roundandbrown vanessa!?!" "Yes, ma'am," he whined, "I was doing my best ;text-shadow:0 1px 1px #ffffff;text-decoration:none;, please don't punish me, I'll try to do brown round roundandbrown vanessa better next time, I really will!" Miranda looked over to Naomi and in a hard voice uttered, "After twenty years you'd think he'd get the message, but it seems I still have to watch him like a hawk, I hope that your husband doesn't cause you the kind of grief your father causes me!" Now turning her attention back to the two humbled men, Miranda still with her dress up and her pussy exposed said to Peter, "I just hope that you'll be more obedient than David, and just to show you what happens to bad little boys, I want you to watch this carefully!" "David, take off your pants, and I mean now," Miranda www..footerlink2{font-size:11px;color:#000000;} .com spat evily, "I want Peter to see your pretty purple panties!" David quickly slipped off his dungarees, but much to Miranda's surprise, the panties he was wearing were in fact red #domainname1{text-align:left;colo and not purple, which naturally caused her to go off the deep end! "Where are your purple ones, David," she demanded, "you were wearing www.black lesbians.com them this morning, now what happened to.thumbsBottom{height:62px;width:62px;margin-left:20px;margin-top:6px;margin-bottom:20px;background-image:url('http://ak2.imgaft.com/images/GDPPCSprite.png');background-repeat:no-repeat;} them!?!"



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